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Image by Andrew Coelho


Certifiably Green Denver

Here at Stoney’s we believe in being an environmentally responsible business. By making some small changes in the way that our restaurant operates, we make a huge difference in the waste that we produce, and the energy and water that we consume. As a certified green business, here are some things that we do:

1. Reuse, Reclaim and Rethink is our mantra at Stoney’s.
From the first day that we started construction we have made every possible effort to decorate and update Stoney’s with recycled materials. Our walls are covered in 150-year-old barn wood and reclaimed stone. We use beetle kill lodge pole pine to decorate the dining room and bleachers from and old high school stadium to make up many of our tables and drink rails throughout the bar. Here at Stoney’s we thrive on giving old things a new life.

2. Using post-consumer recycled paper products is also a big focus here at Stoney’s.We also use compostable products. Our to go cups, to go lids, to go containers, to go silverware, ramekins and straws are all examples of products that are compostable.

3. We recycle and compost everything that can be.
We have found by starting this program, we make a huge difference. In less than two years we have diverted hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste from entering landfills. We also encourage everyone that comes in here to start their own recycling and compost programs as well.

4. Here at Stoney’s we love cans!In fact, that’s why you won’t find any bottles of beer in the bar at all. We do this for two reasons. First off, people just look cooler when drinking out of a can. Second, and most important, we recycle all of the cans and donate the proceeds to local charities. The Miller Coors Brewing Company has partnered up with us to match us dollar for dollar in this effort.


5. Stoney’s is an efficient place.
We use only high efficiency LED bulbs throughout the restaurant to reduce our energy consumption. We have EnergyStar televisions highly efficient appliances.

6. Stoney’s encourages all of our staff and customers to ride bikes or walk to the restaurant.We even have a bike storage area for people who have too much to drink to store them!

Stoney’s Sustainability Program – Carbon E-racers


This program is designed to introduce people to new and different ways they can change their everyday habits to being a little more “green”. There are monthly goals that will help to reduce the members carbon footprint. Here are some example of the monthly goals and what they help to accomplish:

  • Moving the thermostat up 2 degrees in the summer and down 2 degrees in the winter can save 2000lbs.

  • Switching to CFL light bulbs can save 500lbs of carbon a year

  • Recycling just half of all your household waste can save 2400lbs of carbon a year

  • Carpooling 2 days a week can save 1600lbs of carbon a year

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